Power Tool Drag Racing 2017

It looks like the season is about to start.

The first event I have on our list is the ReUse-apalooza! 2017 at Building Value (right up the street).
It is May 19th from 7-11pm. We would setup on Friday afternoon, run the event, break down on Saturday. It seems to be a kind of art/community event so it should be fun. The organizer is a very nice guy and we may be able to pick some stuff from their warehouse for doing the event (industrial shelving, etc.).

I think we should do a test day to pull down the PTDR gear and verify it is working well before the event. I have some time this weekend as my wife is in training Saturday and Sunday. I don’t want to leave the PTDR stuff up at the Hive too long so maybe this weekend is a bit to early. I’m a bit worried that if we wait until too close to the event, and we need to buy something, we could get screwed.

I started a PTDR Google Spreadsheet

The format is not quite awesome yet but let’s get things written down.

This first event is a great way for people to give PTDR a try. If you would like to help you could get involved with any aspect of the event; setup, running, packup.

Running the event is probably the most fun, we typically need two people at the registration table, two launchers that load the racers onto the track, one MC/controller/announcer, two finish/returners.

If we could get coverage so people don’t have to work the entire event that would be great. Two shifts could split it up nicely.

The setup and pack up is more construction assembly and moving. Probably need about 4-6 people to make it go smoothly.

If you are available on Friday the 19th or Saturday the 20th feel free to drop your name on the spreadsheet with your approximate time available.

We will get things a bit more organized as we get closer to the event.

Whew… thats soon lol. Im going to try and get racers repaired from the last event of the year last season. There was quite a bit of damage taken but ill get working on it. Having my tricep worked on the 1st of may so possibly during one of the weeks coming up I can help to get stuff down.

I’m thinking next Saturday (May 6th) would be a good day to pull down the PTDR gear and see if everything still works.
I’ll plan on being there around 10:00 and stay until 3:00ish.

I’ll need some help to pull down the Xmas tree and get things hooked up.
I don’t remember anything being broken from last season so hopefully it all works great.
This will give us about 2 weeks to order/fix anything we need before the event on the 19th.
Right now only Russel and I are signed up, be nice to get some more help. . .

Kevin: I know you have lots of medical adventures coming up. If we could go over the racers and check if we need anything that would be very helpful. We could do that whenever. If you are available for the event, you could just sit and point and talk. :slight_smile:

I will stay in contact, had to cancel my arm surgery Monday. Mina went down the other day and her leg is like 5x the normal size and it happened within a few hours for no reason. We had to take her to an emergency specialist to get over a thousand bucks in testing. They think an type of aggressive cancer took off really fast and a tumors blood supply tore. She can’t walk and I have to carry her for the most part. We might even have to take her in for a transfusion as her platelets are really low. They overnighted the biopsies for further testing and Katie and I are crushed. After losing the other pup just 2 weeks ago… dam :frowning:

I will figure out Katie schedule as one of us has to keep an eye on her at all times.

Dude that sucks! I’m sorry to hear that

I'll try to make the prep work this Saturday, but I'm flying back from Vegas on the red eye tonight and don't know how much sleep I will get.

Don’t worry about it. Come by when you have energy.

I won’t be able to swing by down there tomorrow however will try to find a weekday to get some of the racers sorted out. My pups tests came back as a really aggressive cancerous sarcoma in her leg that is causing internal bleeding we have to keep an eye on, so we are taking turns with her. We see a specialty surgeon on Thursday to see what dam be done about the bleeding and removal, then they have to talk with oncology to see the best course to take. I canceled my surgeries because our little girl comes first. If anyone needs to get a hold of me hot me up on my cell, I got to wait and see what’s going on with the pup to know if we can make it to the actual event.

Sorry to hear about her.

We will be fine.

Best of luck.

On my way. Running a bit late. Forgot I had to get gas.


Sorry to hear that Kevin, keep us posted. We will be back from Jamaica may 9th. So expect help from us after that.

Visited Building Value today after the mill and lathe class.
We are going to setup along the fence which is along Spring Grove. We should have enough room.
I’m a bit nervous about the power, we will have to run extension cords to a wall outlet and/or generator, but we will figure it out.

I’m taking off Friday, Dave (the Building Value guy) will meet us at the Hive around noon with a truck.
Since it is so close we could do two loads if needed.
He said he will have some volunteers to help out.

I’m figuring about 3 hours to setup the tracks (no return lanes).
The event is Friday 7-11 and is pretty casual so it will be a good intro for PTDR. It is more of a party/auction and we are just there for fun.

We will teardown on Saturday and return the stuff to the Hive.

Should be a good time.

Thanks to all that are willing to help.
Feel free to put your name down on the spreadsheet if you like:

I’m getting things together for PTDR today. They should be here around noon with the truck. One thing I cannot find are the waivers and wristbands are they in a separate box?
Feel free to come by building value today to help set up or run the event this evening or help tear down Saturday late morning.



Got the truck loaded up.
Getting some Wendy’s on the way.

Should be fun.


Finished returning all the gear back to the Hive!
We had a great time. Thanks to Elly, Russel, Alex and Franklin for all their help.
Rain put a damper on the usual fun setup but we got it done.
David (from Building Value) said everyone loved us and we are invited back next year.
He gave us a “free pass” for stuff at Building Value.
When at the Hive, he asked if we need more MDF. He has over 60 sheets currently. I said we may grab a couple.
Building Value gets LOTS of old wood, if someone is interested in reclaiming some, just let him know.

As far as PTDR, the gear kind of worked. There is some short between the two main circuits. If we plugged in both main lines it would trip the GFI. I’m thinking somewhere there is a hot/neutral short. Luckily we were able to run both racer lanes off one circuit since were were just running belt sanders. So we need to trace the second circuit for the short. We also had some trouble with one or two of the optics, Franklin thinks the yellow cables may be getting worn. Perhaps a replacement set? I’ve ordered some small plastic project boxes for the LED signs. They should be in next week.

We also need to think about weatherproofing the electronics. There was water dripping from the vertical dual master power switches onto the main panel. (Not good). I felt a “tingle” a few times while I was running the races. At a minimum we should have some cover to protect the top surface from rain exposure so it doesn’t fill up with water. :flushed:

I would love to make a master connector so we don’t have to fiddle with an instrument screwdriver to connect things together. Best setup would be to never have to open the large metal enclosure. I’ll do some digging.

We need to get some more ProMod racers constructed. Although it was nice to run without safety fencing (the sanders just bounced around the side rails so I felt it was OK)I think the crowds like the “danger” of the big boys.

We also had an idea for some onboard lights for the racers so they would look cooler at night. I mentioned setting them on fire and screaming down the track, would a great way to end the event. :fire: Hey, they had fire dancers there, so fire can be fun. We could jam a road flare in each racer.

I’m a bit tired now, so we didn’t fully organize things at the Hive. If you need to move anything, just let us know where you moved it to.

Good times,