Power Supply breakout


Since we are getting ready to harvest a bunch of parts from the “trash” area. I would like to request that you hold a quick class on making power supply breakouts for projects. I know this is a relatively simple project but I would definitely like to build one and I’m sure a few others would as well. Having a quick ‘class’ on it, where everybody gets together to simply put some together would be awesome.

I know you talked about doing this before but I thought I would bring it up again. :slight_smile:


i would definitely attend such an event.

for those of us who are unaware of what goes into a breakout, what
parts would we need?

And even further, what is a power supply breakout and/or why would we
want to do one? :slight_smile:


Here is the info from the wiki: http://wiki.hive13.org/ATX_Power_Kit

I will say that after my SD project I have had a bit of experience with the personal etching of circuit boards. If we can get the board designed I think I could do a decent class on personal etching of circuit boards.

I am by no means an expert yet, but I have experimented with several different methods with varying results. The biggest thing is you need a lot of patience in order for it to turn out well.

Any chance we can use your CNC router to make the boards? :slight_smile:


The short answer is, not quite yet. The long answer involves us getting an isolated parallel port breakout board (we found one on ebay for ~$30 shipped)

I'll chip in for that. Bring it up tonight Paul