Power Series Update!!!

I know we have consumed very much space however the project is at 97% im finishing up the removable steering wheel with regular handle bars now that about 10 x stronger. I put a drag link style steering system it with adjustable alignment at all points and heim (ball and socket) joints on all pivot points. Also pretty much all of the welding is done except for reinforcing the main pivot holes due to upsizing the bolts to fit the heavy duty steering. Also hydraulic disk brakes have been installed just have to hook the line up and bleed them and I have an auto pump for doing that if anyone would like to see its wicked I mainly use in on cars to flush systems and can teach people how to use it if you would ever like to borrow it. I am shooting to do it sunday night and again monday to make sure its solid. Jon and will kicked major butt and my hats off to jim for pulling an all nighter then another full day working on our motor firmware and battery logistics plus more. Will pulled a noon to 83o am then grabbed breakfast and was working everywhere from the laser to building battery boxes and was working on final prep of the racer . With the rain I was not able to pack all of the extra parts up but will do so promptly however had an idea for the scooter I bought long ago…use the extra hybrid batteries and make it a camp washington and local run mobile and put side boxes or something on it and hive it out for maker fairs or whatever…I did get stuff tidy’d upped and stuff moved to make more space or people once again im sorry with the mess I had caused trying to speed as fast as possible with this stuff to help. The rain kept me from throwing the stuff on my open motorcycle trailer and that race seat is to a pair that im going to be selling. I will do my best to clean it all out today!!! Attached are some pics of team hive13 motorsports lol





Wow that looks incredible! Way to go team!