Power Series Racing Update (and fix to prevent clogging mailing list)

I’ve gone ahead and made a Wiki page:


I also believe I’ve put everything necessary on the wiki that’s transpired so far. As such (we will be continuing to updating the wiki as the build progresses) the wiki will now be the new mode of providing updates and current statuses! Let me know what you think!

For the other powers that be, I would like to go ahead and get this project to be included on the active projects list on the wiki (how?/is it?) and put the power series racing meetup on the HIVE13 google calendar as Wednesday from 7-10PM.

For everyone else, please go ahead and read through it and click on links in the wiki, they’re all very informative, ESPECIALLY the MIT’s chibi-mikuvan experience. It’s essentially a detailed writeup from start to finish and post race review and tear down. Charles sets a great standard that I would like our wiki to become.

Seriously, read it, you’ll learn something.

Thanks everyone for the work so far and this Tuesday we will settle on a design, with Tuesday/Wednesday being the beginning of CAD design! Additionally we’ll be farming out calling companies/junkyards/dealers for used hybrid batteries.

-Jim Shealy

It gets added to the front page automatically when you include the Project Infobox. I added it for you but I wasn't sure of the project start date so you'll need to fill that in and put in a picture.

Happy Wiki'ing,
Ian "No, the other Ian" Blais