Power Series Racing Needs You!

Alright all, the power series racing is about to kick into gear!

Volunteer to come drive, build, help! We're changing hours, but more on that below.

The first race this year will be June 27-28 in Kansas city!

We need drivers, pit crew, and volunteers to represent with us in the Kansas city maker faire. If you want to be a part of this, please post and let us know! I hear there's going to be some new snazzy t-shirts for the guys that come...

Want to get involved?

New hours: Saturday at Noon to about 6 (or whenever we finish)

Come on down Saturday and join in on making a derpy little electric pig who can!

If I can get a gauge on how many people want to come, I’ll work on trying to find us a group/reduced rate lodging for the weekend.

Also, I’ll have room to take at least three similarly-sized adults and their luggage, if you want to come out but don’t want to make the drive.


I’ll check my schedule if I am free I want to go.