Potluck - Tuesday, March 15 - Beer Themed

Hey everyone,

It’s time for our next potluck! Someone suggested beer as the theme and I’m really loving that.

Interpret it as you want, whether you bring actual beer to share, beer battered food, food with beer in it, food that you think goes well with a cold one, etc.

We want this to be friendly for those under 21 and those that don’t drink the amber liquid of the gods, so standard potluck food is of course welcome and encouraged!

As usual, please bring something to share or donate a couple bucks to our “feed the hive” fund, if you plan to partake.

Post here if you want to bring something, so we have a good variety of food.



I will be bringing homemade beer cheese stuffed pretzels. :smiley:

Just a reminder that the potluck is tomorrow. Post if you’re planning to bring something.

Since this is a little pre St. Patrick’s Day shindig, wearing something green is also encouraged! :slight_smile: I’m excited for some creative beer themed food to go with my green beer!


Ohhhh yeah

I’ll be making some soda bread. I might show up a little early and bake it there.

We will bring homebrew beer :slight_smile:

Bringing white bean chicken chili and St. Patty chocolate chip cookies…


I brought root beer for floats. It’s technically beer…

A HUGE thank you to everyone who brought something today!!! It was awesome and delicious; probably my favourite potluck at the Hive yet.

Next potluck will probably be in early May; perfect weather for a cookout!

Sorry I missed it.
Packing for our trip.