Potluck - Tuesday 4/25/17

Hello all,

Time for a potluck at our next meeting. This one is themed… FOOD!

In place of the usual pizza, please bring anything you like, homemade or store bought.

As usual, please bring something to share or donate a couple bucks to our “feed the hive” fund, if you plan to partake.

Post here if you want to bring something so we have a good spread of food!



I’ll be bringing decorated chocolate cookies. :slight_smile:

I’ll bring pistachio cake and Cheerleader Chicken (in both mild and Чернобыль levels). (This means the grill will be going.)

So the cookies ended up not working out… next time! …so I’m bringing colorful rice crispies instead.

Is anyone else bringing something? :slight_smile:

I have to take our son to swim practice so I’ll swing by Kroger to pickup something.
Maybe carrot cake?

Bringing some homemade Buffalo chicken dip. More filling than your average dip.

You only have to bring one. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also hear there might be a grill tonight! Woo hoo

I will bring down the propane tank for the grill at the hive

Do we have hot dogs? I could bring a pack and some buns.

I’ll grab some brats and mets

Mike and I won’t be there.

I’m bringing my traditional “oh shit, I forgot, err… umm… hey look, kroger!” fruit and vegetable platter.

  • Ian B.

I think it went great last night.

Greg’s chicken and Russel’s Buffalo dip were awesome. (Ian’s homemade vegetable plate was also good for us).

It was also great to have the dessert selection.

I think it would be nice to maybe do this monthly in the summer.

Usually I try to space it out so that people don’t stretch themselves making things too often and get burned out. But you’re right: the summer is the perfect time to do this! I like that idea, Brad.

I’ll work on a date for the next one in May :smiley: (With a theme this time haha)

Thanks again everyone!

I was out of town for this one but would like come to the next.