Potluck for the Annual Meeting - 7/25/17

Hey all!

The next potluck is coming up next week for our annual meeting/anniversary! This potluck will be Hive themed! Get creative and interpret that as you will: bee/honey related things, white, grey, black or yellow items, something inspired by a project or tools, your favourite potluck item from the last year of Hive potlucks, or any standard potluck food.

In place of the usual pizza, please bring anything you like, homemade or store bought.

As usual, please bring something to share or donate a couple bucks to our “feed the hive” fund, if you plan to partake.

Post here if you want to bring something so we have a good spread of food!



Bump. I’m bringing ginger cookies, and probably burgers or hot dogs or something.

I am bringing burgers and I got some buns for the hot dogs, brats, and metts.

I will be bringing Chocolate Cookies iced in the Hive’s logo! :slight_smile:

I am bringing Buffalo Chicken Dip which many seemed to enjoy the last time I brought it.

That all sounds great so far! :slight_smile:

Anyone want to get creative with the theme? HONEY barbecue wings … stuffed YELLOW bell peppers … HONEYCOMB toffee … SANDED hard candy (wood shop) … CHIPS (metal shop) … WHITE chicken chilli … HONEY mead … BLACK BEEan burgers (punny AND veggie friendly ;))…


I will be bringing a tray of fruits and vegetables. Many of which come from plants that were pollinated by bees.

  • Ian B.

YAY! That’s the spirit :smiley:

I will bring some dessert that has some form of sugar that was probably affected by bees in some way.

I’ll be there tonight and will bring mac and cheese.

I will plan on doing what I usually fall back on and get a few large bags of chips to round out the offerings. Maybe I can find a honey BBQ flavor to still be in the spirit of the theme…

Tim W.

just a heads up, Mike and I are at a family member’s showing/visitation. We will not be at the meeting tonight but I’d really like the tig welder to be brought up and the final vote take on it.
Thanks and sorry we have to miss the meeting tonight,