Hello Hivers,

Let’s celebrate the end of stressful holidays and regroup together by having a potluck style dinner on Tuesday, January 9th, at 6:30pm before the meeting.

Everyone is welcome to bring something to share and enjoy the feast. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to bring a few dollars to chip in.

Please list if you want to bring something! (So we can make sure we’ve got a good spread of food, and not all desserts… although that could be awesome as well!)

I will be bringing an orchard apple crumble cake!

Go forth and post your food!!



Tuesday, January 12th

Dern , Was like ohhh catered 2600 meeting >=)

Just a reminder to everyone that this is tomorrow!

Please reply if you plan to bring anything. These events are always so much fun!

I’m bringing a mess of Sloppy Joe’s.


Sorry can’t make it until 7:30.
I’ll bring some chocolate/gingerbread that I got in Germany.

I got some cincinnati chili i made, I can bring it in, but I don’t got any shredded cheese for it. If someone want to bring some, that would be great =)

Well bring stuff for tacos!

Scratch that. Super fussy baby is staying home with me.

Sorry guys

I sooo regret being laid up with this leg!!

I can’t be there!