Potluck: 6/27/17

Hey all,

We’ll be having our next potluck next week, Tuesday June 27, 2017!

Let’s come up with a fun theme this time :slight_smile: Any ideas??


Just to pull forward some of the hideous ideas discussed at the meeting:

  • It’s June, which makes me think of June bugs, so a theme of “Things that Crunch”
  • Fermented Things
  • Anyone bringing Kim Chee will be immolated- Cold Things
  • Flammable Things
  • Things that no-one likes
  • Deceptive Foods
  • e.g. a vanilla cake dyed brown- Bakerspace (hurr, hurr)
  • For the more dense of you, this is a play on us being a Makerspace, and is things that are baked

I say we go with “bakerspace” - things that are baked.

I’ll be bringing chocolate chip cookies! :slight_smile:

I will be there in spirit, since I am in South Carolina. I will try to find something baked, but it will probably be baked and then fried or just fried,

I think frying is an extreme form of baking. Instead of hot air it has hot oil, which is also a fluid, so frying=baking. :slight_smile: