Potluck - 5/30/2017

Hey all!

The next potluck is coming up next week! What should the theme be?? Post below with ideas!

In place of the usual pizza, please bring anything you like, homemade or store bought. It’s the day after Memorial Day, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring leftovers if they didn’t want to make something :slight_smile:

As usual, please bring something to share or donate a couple bucks to our “feed the hive” fund, if you plan to partake.

Post here if you want to bring something so we have a good spread of food!



I’m bringing mini red, white and blue apple pies. :slight_smile:

I’m bringing the usual: pistachio cake and cheerleader chicken. This time, the “hot” variety will be actually spicy, though.

I’m planning to bring either the Buffalo chicken dip again or a simple chili recipe with some cheese and some corn chips to pour it over. hmmmmm.

I can’t cook something homemade this time, is there any sort of request that I should pick up from Kroger’s or something?

Tim W.

I was going to bring my Auntie Kroger’s carrot cake. :grinning:

If you’re making chili, perhaps I’ll make some cornbread to go with it.

We will bring either a fruit tray or a veggie tray.