Pot luck - Tuesday Feb. 14 - Chocolate themed

Hey everyone,

We’ve got a pot luck coming up for the next meeting! Since it’s Valentine’s day, we’ll be doing a chocolate theme!

In place of the usual pizza, please bring sweet AND savory creations made with chocolate. You can get creative here, some recipes like Cincinnati chili have chocolate hidden in them, other like brownies… Well are pretty obvious! You can also bring food that goes well with chocolate (some people cannot eat the chocolate themselves), or if chocolate doesn’t strike your fancy any other regular potluck food is always welcome.

As usual, please bring something to share or donate a couple bucks to our “feed the hive” fund, if you plan to partake.

Post here if you want to bring something so we have a good spread of food!



I will be bringing some French macarons! Some will be have chocolate filling and others will have a chocolate-free strawberry cheesecake filling. :slight_smile: