Post for annual election nominations

This thread is for people to post nominations for the annual elections this year.

Someone can self-nominate and I ask that you check with someone else before nominating them to a position. You are free to withdraw your own nomination up to the close of nominations, 1 week before the election.

Positions available are:

Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Board member (5 positions)

We will summarize the candidates and post the list for voting at least 1 week in advance of the election date, July 16th. You do not have to be present on July 16th to vote, but we will probably close the online voting two hours before (or something like that). Details will follow.


Brad Walsh

President Hive13

Hello all,

This post is to self-nominate myself to continue to serve as your treasurer and as a board member for the coming year.

For the newer members who I have yet had time to work with or get to know, I have been a member since 2009, am a former Hive president, and have served as treasurer and board member since 2013. I am currently identified with the State of Ohio as the registered agent for the Hive and make the annual report and tax filings. I semi-retired last August and my wife and I are in the process of down-sizing from Cincinnati to have our primary home in Louisville and a secondary home in Greenville, SC.

Know I am currently in-process to setup and maintain several of my personal shop machines at the Hive and intend to maintain a rotating regular presence at the three maker spaces; LVL1 in Louisville, Synergy Mill in Greenville, and Hive13 in Cincinnati for the foreseeable future.

I feel I can continue to conduct my Hive treasurer and board duties for at least the coming year, or perhaps beyond, we shall see. There has been board discussion, I will pass the Ohio registered agent role to Dave Velzy.

Thank you, JimD

I would like to self-nominate as CTO.

I'll put my name in for a board spot, I'll wait to see what else needs to be filled before I decide if I want to put myself in for any other role.

Hello Hive Members,
This is my self nomination for the position of COO.

Thank you,
Dave Velzy

Hey everyone, I will go ahead and nominate myself for President.

Hey everyone, I will go ahead and nominate myself for treasurer.

Joe Pomeroy

Hello, I will nominate my self for a board member position.
Dave Lear

I will be nominating myself for Treasurer and Board. I want to start out with I think Jim has done a good job with the treasurer position, but I feel with him moving & dedicating time to 2 other makerspaces and with my IRS background as well as my Accounting schooling that I can clean up and streamline the bookkeeping for the Hive. There is alot of internal and external Benefits of having clean professional looking books that are easily produced when asked. Beyond the legal ones, such as audits (internal or external.) It can also streamline steps in the future from Grants, loans, or scholarships. It can also help make us figuring out if funds are available without some of the disagreement we have seen in the recent past. For example I have already created a document that will help track Approved votes and the Dollar amounts associated with them, that alone should help resolve a common argument we see with “we have outstanding projects.”

I nominate myself for a board member again.

I nominate Scott Hively for a Board of Directors position, Scott has been active in a number of events since joining, is quick to help out, and is willing to be a board member if voted in. I think he would be a great addition to the leadership team.


Kevin McLeod

As we approach the annual meeting where the votes will be cast, I’d like to list some instructions/dates.

Nominations will be closed on the “frozen” date. Not further changes will be accepted after this date.

The frozen date is July 8th at 11:59 pm (midnight can get confusing).

Looking at this thread the candidates are:


  • Will B.
    Chief Operating Officer:

  • Dave V.
    Chief Technology Officer:

  • Greg A.

  • Jim D.

  • Joe P.

  • Daniel M.

  • None
    Board (5 spots):

  • Kevin M.

  • Dave L.

  • Daniel M.

  • Nancy G.

  • Scott H.

Nominations should be posted to this thread to be included/changed.


Brad Walsh
President Hive13

I'll also self nominate for Secretary

I'll put forward Jeff Burdick for a Board position. Jeff has experience running a makerspace in Virginia, has done a great job with the Ultimaker repairs in between moving himself from Virginia to Ohio. I think he would be a great candidate for an officer position in the future once he is settled in to the area with his family. For now he has volunteered to be a board member if elected.


Kevin M.

I have one more:

Dave Schwinn has been our Electronics Warden for a few months now, and has been doing a great job keeping the area clean, stocked, and ready to use as well as hosting regular warden hours. He has been contributing to events such as Needlecraft Night, Sparks, and the Saturday Cleanups and generally been contributing to making the hive a warm and welcome place. I think he is also a great option to be on the Board, so I nominate him as well.


Kevin M,

Thanks Kevin!

I joined the Hive to have a place to tinker. But I am finding that the social interactions are just as important.
While keeping a keen eye on what I see as the primary purpose of the organization as a makerspace, I think it is important to foster education and social interactions.


Thank you, Kevin.

My wife and I are moving from Richmond, VA. We spent a lot of time at Hack.RVA. It was our primary circle of friends. When I moved to Cincinnati in February the first thing I did was join Hive13.

I am excited for the opportunity to meet makers, help grow Hive13, and maintain it as a space we can collectively enjoy and be proud of. I want to be an active participant in Hive13’s success. While I know member-operated spaces are all different and solutions aren’t necessarily parallel, I feel my experience can help provide a perspective on how other spaces solve similar challenges.

Jeffrey P Burdick

‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐

Thanks for the nomination, Kevin!

As Scott stated so well I too joined the Hive to have access to the space and equipment. But I quickly came to realize that it is also the community that makes the Hive such a special place. I am currently serving as the electronic warden which has, so far, been a relatively easy role since the members take such good care of the area. I am eager to serve in additional capacities.

Dave 3.0

I nominate myself for a board member.

The Candidate slate as it exists Tonight 07/07/19