Possible Fundraiser Idea...

Hey, Hive.

I have, as I'm sure most of you do, an accumulated collection of cell
phones. Some good, some bad, all viable. I've noticed ads and sites,
lately, offering "kits" to collect old cellphones for school and group
fundraisers. They send you stuff to bag & tag the phones as they come
in and some include the shipping/packing materials, even postage, to
send the phones in. They evaluate everything, then cut the
organization a check for the value of all collected phones. Might be
an option to consider. ...and if we all have as many or more quality
phones as I do, seems like the first round might be fast and fairly
lucrative for the Hive.



My phones are ok but not in great quality. We should wipe phones b4 sending. Any site examples that you are considering? I would donate what I have.


Actually I was going to be working on a few ideas that would need either a cell phone or at least an xbee board. I'm very interested in remote monitoring of crops and environmental conditions.

So if some of those could be saved from the donate bin that would be great.


Hey, Craig.

I'm afraid I don't recall the site nor company off the top of my head,
atm. Just something I saw in passing on late-night tv. I got the
feeling there's a few such organizations to choose from. I'll see
what I can dig up.



I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem. After all, that's what the
hackerspace is for, right?