Possible air filter?

So this is something that quite a few people have asked for in the past. Particularly with all of the sanders we have accrued in the last 6 months and the CNC coming online we have been generating a LOT more dust.

On the woodworking subreddit I saw a few people recommend this air filter:

It looks like a pretty nice unit (remote control, timer, good filtration and airflow).

I will personally chip in $20 towards buying one since I think it would be so useful. If anyone else wants to chip in that would be awesome.

Any thoughts from people who have experience with this kind of thing?


Could we hang one and get another to roll around the space as needed? We used similar units at DAAP, definitely better than nothing, will need occasional inspection/upkeep.

Also don't Dysons carry a 5 year warranty with HEPA filtration? I've loved and challenged mine, they just don't do wet, but will definitely outlast your standard shop vac.

Hmmm, I think you might be confused Ivan. This is an air filtration unit, not a shop vac/sweeper.

Take a look at the amazon link I included. It sucks air in through that giant filter and just spits it right back out dustless.

Looks great.

Yes please get extra filters, when one set goes it's time to order the next!

And no, there was concern about burning out shop vacs with small tool dust collection. I'm guessing most cheap vacs don't have brushless motors like the Dyson's digital motors. Maybe this was a separate Elly chat tho, idk! :sleeping:

just a thought… do we still have that large blower that came with the laser? If so… why not make a filter adapter for it and make one for next to nothing. Ive made ones like that in the past, actually looking for one of those blowers at the moment as well if the hive would not want to use it for that and sell it lol. I have an air mover I want to install in the house for fall because out 2 story home sucks with temp differences.

I just meant for tools that get used for an hour straight (such as the new drum sander) that aren’t connected to the main dust collection system. Running a shop vac all the time every day can be hard on them! This is temporary until we hook things up to the whole system. Which I am now motivated to work on soon, haha. Thanks for the concern!

I have a theoretical connection device at this time for connecting to the big air system. Will work on again when family status is same again.

Yes, yes! It is great actually. Thanks!

For anyone who wants to know, Will made a coupler that bridges the gap between the smaller hose on the drum sander and the larger diameter hose for the whole system. It works great for now until we have permanent tool hookups.