Poll for Prioritization of Expansion and Establishing Budgets

Hey everyone, Please take a few minutes to fill out this quick survey/poll (if you have not already): Hive13 Expansion poll 2.0

This is a simple, quick poll aimed at gauging member’s relative prioritization of the hive’s various areas. This data is needed so that leadership and motivated members helping improve the space can make sure that our resources (human effort, space, and finances) go toward the activities and facilities our members actually value and want to see most. It shouldn’t take more than a few moments to complete, and the feedback from members will be invaluable in ensuring Hive13 evolves in directions that provide the most benefit to the community.

Thank you to every member who fills out the form for providing your much needed guidance.

Also, a huge thanks to Molly B. for putting together this simple, concise poll (it’s harder than it might seem).

Just a reminder that we need your input to help guide the expansion and growth of Hive13! This poll is fairly short and concise. Please take a minute or two to let us know your thoughts before the poll closes this weekend.

Poll link: Hive13 Expansion poll 2.0

Last chance to take the dungeon expansion poll! It closes tonight! Hive13 Expansion poll 2.0