Polar3d plate... Crowned?

So, while the polar 3d printer continues to be a workhorse I've noticed some odd developments:

The build plate seems to be crowned, I didn't think this was a thing for glass (or we just noticed it?) ,but it's enough where the filament doesn't stick well on the sides due to being too high off the build plate, and doesn't extrude in the middle due to being pressed too close to the plate.

This is probably a good question for bill, but what does it take to get/try a new build plate on p3d prototype #13? Would we also be able to replace the plate bearing so the gear/plate slides on and off smoothly, or is this prototype not compatible with current p3d production plates?

I discovered that when I was printing my high resolution parts, i would clean the build plate and respray it almost every print.

Where you printing at a high resolution? Should be less of a problem with a thicker layer.

My guess is that the shuttle is bent… as the glass doesn’t really have a chance (or the load) to bend. The front legs can be bent up or down to compensate… but you must bend them equally by using pliers with cloth to protect the metal/paint and bend them from the center between the legs.

The process is simple… determine if the rear is lower or higher than the middle. If it is lower, then bend the front legs down. If it is higher… up. :slight_smile:

You will need to recalibrate the Z height (M206 Z{some value}, M500) to make sure future prints start from the correct height.

I can do all this when I get in… and you’re more than welcome to take notes.