polar 3d printer at the hive

I signed into the polar cloud, could see the webcam, selected a file uploaded to print “ultimaker 2 top”, it did the slice then webacam feed went away and showed disconnected. I went threw some of the topics mentioned in the support for the printer and just to give the whats. I was @ the hive on the computer in the fablab first, then tried connecting on the pc on the workbench. The polar lights were showing the blue on top and white on the bottom. I did of course try the power off and on followed by checking the cables. I gave it about an hour an a half and it still did not connect to the cloud. I found an stl for the small part i am in great need of for my printer to get it working again. Any help would be appreciated or if anyone else can run the file on their printer for me I would appreciate it! Part is still in the queue on the cloud I believe as well?

Kevin -

If my Printrbot can handle it (140cm build area, PLA filament) works for you, feel free to email me the model file.

That would be awesome man its a small piece here is the original file, I manipulated it to lay flat but you are far more advanced than I. File is attached to this hopefully or I will email it to you. I had the old polar settings on my laptop to try and drive the old polar printer at the hive but the motor to spin the plate sounds bad so I killed the print. If anyone has a motor for that I wouldnt mind trying to throw it in to get the old one back up and going. Thank you sir! I will be leaving the hive in a little while and will be stopping down sometime tomorrow later in the day. If by chance you are coming down shoot me a message.

printhead top um2.stl (422 KB)

When you rebooted it, did you wait for it to go through the startup cycle and see the 3D Lights turn off, go to yellow and then back to white?


No pretty much just went right to blue and white

Kevin, if you need me too, I could print that as well.

Ryan printed it out for me on his and it looks like it’s going to work. Thank you for the offer lorin, lol I finally found the file and I’ll have to send you the link. The printer files are on that you imagine site in case you want to print out some as spares with moving the printer around.