Polar 3D minor nozzle clog.

The new polar has a minor clog. I recommend not using it until there’s an “all clear”.

As I am not the expert on this printer I would defer to Bill as to procedure or service for this. I also did not have time to check further than this:

Hot end/nozzle is correct temp

Printer is pulling filament with proper tension.

Using P3D cloud, I do not know how to manually extrude filament, etc.

I wanted to defer to Bill at this point, as this printer always runs best when we follow his advice and procedures (or he services it), rather than we pretend it’s a generic rep-rap and “go for it”.

Hivers, I recommend against diving into fixing the new Polar if you are not certified to do so. This is often how shared printers get wonky. This new Polar is a joy to use, easy, and very svelte. I’m going to resist the urge to DIY until experts ring in.

If anyone would like to certify on the Polar, I’d be happy to do an informal class. It’s very easy, but may be counter intuitive to those of us used to other printers.

Bill, I assume a gentle soak would do it, but I will not touch it without your consultation. I’m 99% sure that it’s just a run of the mill nozzle clog. May also need to check the feed, but unlikely.


There is a good chance this isn’t a clog. When we started using it recently after Bill showed me how, there was a slight misalignment where the filament entered the nozzle. If someone tried to change the filament or use Bill’s end gcode it tried to back out the filament at the end of each print and wouldn’t start again without taking a few things apart or inserting the filament a certain way. I made a correction to this a few weeks ago and it seemed to be printing fine but maybe this problem is coming back. I will be more than happy to check to see if this is the same issue. I may be down this weekend but worst case on Tuesday. For the record I totally agree about not working on our printers unless you are very comfortable and somewhat knowledgeable about how they work.


Send me an email when you take a look at this, I was unaware, and would like to better familiarize myself with the quirks of the new polar. I’ll be around weekend and Tuesday.