I missed the meeting tonight, but I saw some discussion was on the
agenda. I went ahead and made a Wiki page last week. Add topic/format
ideas! I can get the equipment needed to record there next week
(Tuesday and Thursday evenings work best)


this is great! count me in :slight_smile:

i have a google voice number for use at the hive. it’s linked to a gizmo5 account.

as for mikes, do you have a preference or will any old USB mike work?

i have a Y adpater if we want to join a couple of 3.5mm headsets together to get started.

If you figure out a date / time I can add it to the event calendar.

Also we should have a phone for the space this coming Tues. (It comes with the zoom town connection). I have the number already but I would rather tie it to a google voice account before I give it out (so we can filter, etc.)


craig: email me the number and i can add it to GV :slight_smile:

also, our gizmo5 id is hive13 if anyone is interested.

since we will have a phone line, i started a project page for the phone system:

feel free to modify/add/whatever.

I've always wanted to learn more about Asterisk, SIP, VOIP, telephony/phreaking/what-have-you. I have a vague understanding of these things. Might make for a good class. :slight_smile:

On 9/9/2009 1:10 PM Chris Anderson claimed:

PlayerTwo I believe has some experience with Asterisk, and I think ChrisA(?) mentioned maybe assembling an Asterisk box from the stuff we have at the hive.

Also, FWIW, vom w/ Cinci2600 may have strong Asterisk-fu. Perhaps he may be bribed into doing a preso/class for newbies.