Where can I buy sheets of plexiglass?

There are a handful of places to get it around cincinnati. The problem is that most places have significant minimum sizes and minimum orders. If you can handle small sheets of clear then you can just get it at lowes.

At lowes they have smaller pieces that fit in the laser cutter (if that’s what you are looking for) but they are expensive. Better to get a big piece and have them cut it down for you. The one time I wanted a piece that was another color, I got it from amazon, and it wasn’t cheap.

If you don’t mind too much what size you get, you can sometimes find what you need by asking about scrap cutoffs at Queen City Polymers’ building. I got a 30x35" 1/4"-thick piece of acrylic there awhile back for about what Home Depot has for 3/32" thick sheets of the same size.

I assume you specifically mean acrylic glass rather than polycarbonate, anyway. Polycarb is a bit more expensive in either case, but the cutoff scraps will still likely be cheaper.

Also, you shouldn’t use poly in the laser cutter.

I’ve had good luck with USPlastic (; good web selection and service, factory store up I-75 in Lima for big order pick-ups, etc.


Thanks Jim. I'm looking them up now.

Roughly 11" x 18"


It’s almost exactly 500mm by 300mm.