Please Return the Irwin Quick Clamps

We seem to have had a number of the medium ones with the black square pads walk off. Right now we’re down to two, I know we’ve got at least 4, if not 6-8. Please return them, it’s getting to the point where it’s not possible to do a glue up in the wood shop.

Clamps in question:

If you’re looking to get some for home use, Home Depot has a good deal with 4 for $30, two of which are small, and two of which are this size. Also if you’ve taken them home, it would be nice to get an email announcement so that people who expect them to be in the ood shop can plan accordingly.

Home Depot clamp deal:


I still have not seen the missing clamps return. If whoever has them isn’t going to return them soon, at least please indicate that you’ve got them, or I’m going to suggest when spend some money to replace the clamps that are missing.