For the people that were down at the cleanup today. Josh from upstairs just called me and let me know that when he got home his internet was out. He walked downstairs and where they had run the wiring into his stuff and the Belkin router it has all been taken out and removed. He has Network printers and other things that run off that router as he works at home and he is really screwed right now and freaking out. If anyone knows where it's at or what happened please let me know on here so I can call him and let him know what's up.

Not sure what happened with that, but I'm going to head back down and
check it out.

- Ian B.

I don’t think we removed anything of value. Most of the garbage was literally garbage. I think we took out at least three bags full of dirt and stuff swept up off the floor.
There was a lot of scrap little wood pieces thrown into the dumpster.

His router was hooked up above the new space. It was assumed that it was left behind by the previous tenent and was therefore disconnected. We’ve got it hooked back up for now until we can figure out a better permanent location for it. Thanks go to Kevin for climbing up and getting it all connected again.

  • Ian B.

Nice work getting that back to working.

Seems like something important we should have been told when we started renting the space. Hahaha

More than that, Elly, I was told that it wasn’t labeled in any way, and leaving infrastructure in a place that was being rented out-yikes.
I’m glad they got it back up and running for now, but shouldn’t that have been IN his apartment, or maybe in the electrical room or something? Someplace that GS could access it if needed but not in the rental spaces?

I’d give a good bet that the people who handle the rental paperwork had no idea that it was in there (something the handyman put up, maybe?)

I climbed up with Ian and got it hooked back up with him and the dude was very thankful it was taken care of really quick and we understood what he was going through. Josh upstairs is very nice with me an I’m going to talk to him about moving the router into his space. We will try to trace the wires origin and see what’s up with the install but I know he will be very easy going with stuff if we shoot him a heads up on time line.

It is plugged in via orange e cord running up the wall and it’s all zip tied to a 2x4 spacer from the wall install. I forgot to label it however if anyone is down there and could that would be great. A little goes a long way as he has been super nice about shooting a text about loud music, noise, etc, and even is cool sometimes if we got to run slightly longer not making crazy noise.

Everything turned out good and Ian kicked ass taking care of fixing the exploded router case, thanks a ton man for meeting me down there quick. I had to work on a dryer all day that had a intermittent sensor problem but got it takended care of. I will shoot Josh upstairs a message tomorrow to get the ball rolling with relocation of his netwo stuff. That is unless advised other wise :).

After communicating with upstairs tenant Josh that CAT 5 cable was ran by the building manager Gary if I remembered his name right. Internet is provided to The Print Shop and the upstairs tenant be in the lease they have and that is just where the building manager slash Garden Street decided to Chuck it. I said I did not think anyone with us would be opposed to drilling a hole and fishing The Wire up to him so he can keep the router in his room wherever it is easiest for us to send the wire up so it is out of our way. Garden Street did the install LOL that’s why I imagine that install went the way it did.

See you guys at the meeting tomorrow,