Please post if you are a trainer for certification

Could people reply to this email on what equipment you are able to certify people for.

Large CNC - Coy

I can certify people people on:
Metal Lathe
Enco Mill (little metal mill)
Millrite Mill (big metal mill)

I am able and willing to certify people on:

Glass Torchwork Area
Lost Wax Casting Equipment
Roland CNC mill
Enameling/Silver Clay/Glasswork/wax burnout Kiln
MIG Welder
Smith Little Torch (For jewelry soldering, glasswork, and small castings)

I can certify members on the Lathe, Mill(s), Laser cutter, Wood Lathe, Table Saw, Joiner, CNC router.

While these do not require certification, I am available for Sewing Machine and Serger lessons.

Kevin Schuler


CNC router


I have agreed to certify folks for the wood lathe, but I haven’t had anyone get to the point of hands-on certification yet.

  • Todd