Please Help Move Shelves - Sat 3/7/2020 Sun 3/8/2020 10 am start

Please Help clear the new space at 2701 Spring Grove.

Saturday 3/7/2020 and Sunday 3/8/2020 at 10:00 am until 4:00pm or so.

Let us know which day you can help and for how long by responding to this post…

We have rows and rows of shelves to clear away this weekend.

Two objectives,

  1. Clear the space for Hive13 to move in.

  2. Save the shelves for storage and raw materials

Park in the parking lot and enter the employee door at the front of the parking lot.

Follow the signs inside to Hive13 on the third floor.

Anyone can help - No special skills required. It’s mainly stacking boards on pallets.

The shelf sections are easy to move one at a time.

Bring your leather gloves to avoid splinters.
Cordless drills with a #2 philips head screw driver are also useful.

Thanks In Advance for your help.

This will be the first of many big effort workdays for the move! for this one, we can use as many people as show up! The more people come, the quicker we can get the space clear.

Check out trello for all the tasks we hope to get accomplished this week: Trello (send me a message if you need me to add you to the trello group) The top level list is below, several of those cards have checklists within them, so go check it out.

I can be there starting at about 130 or 200 and stay until 400 or layer if needed

I’ll be there all day Saturday. Sunday is up in the air.

I’ll be there sometime this weekend. Major house renovations going in so probably just a few hours at a time.

I will be there at noon - 3 tomorrow. Earlier if I can. Putting brakes on my daughter’s car in the morning, so that is factoring in 0 hiccups on that job.

Thank you,

It’s already screwed up.

John O can be there Saturday 3/7 11a-4p.

I’m planning on being at 2701 Spring Grove at 11a on 3/7. This will be my first visit to the new space. Is there a contact I could have for issues day of?

John O 6one9.8zero4.472too cell/text.

Contact Dave V on slack or this Emil chain.

Chris Davis will be unlocking the place saturday morning. Scott Hivey and I will be doing Sunday. I’ll monitor the mailing list and slack for people looking to get in and help.

I was able to stop in a couple of hours ago to drop off some pallets for the shelves, and the painters have nearly cleared our entire space already, and I’m confident they will be done by EOD. I was so suprised I didn’t ask their plans but I assume next step is dropcloths and painting, so we may not be able to do much right this minute.

If the shelving is all gone, what’s next on the list?

Will anyone with access be at the Hive, and can stop by the new space after 5 to check on current status? Just so we can plan a bit ahead before tomorrow.

Either way, I will be there to open up by 10am Saturday, I’m sure we’ll find something to do either in the old space or new. Please note, everything is grimy and dusty. Dress for it, and bring dust masks if you can.


Wow. So it looks like almost all the shelving is gone. Do we still want to have a shelf disassembly party this weekend?

My suggestion is that we we should use the opportunity to really drive home the layout/inspection/BOM building and get to where we can feel comfortable ordering material by the end of next week.

Let’s get the floors swept and tape out the proposed wall locations, inspect of obstructions/sprinkler heads, etc, and get the layout and lists of material refined so we can start building next weekend.

-Kevin M.

I finally have a bit of time. Is it worth coming down to the new space for an hour or so? With the shelves removed already, is there stuff to do there?
Doesn’t look like anyone is at the “original” hive. :slight_smile: