Please cancel the VOTE: $1000 for Painting Ventilation

I am intentionally making a separate post from Kevin but more or less on the same topic.


VOTE: $1000 for Painting Ventilation

]( not discussed AT ALL before the vote was put up and the diagram has zero explanation. It makes a very significant cut in the area of the metal shop. The vote has somehow gotten 7 yes votes, even from people who have come out as really disliking the plan while or after voting for it.

There is a significant amount of chatter about solutions for the spray booth on Slack and there is little consensus at all on how to approach this. Now is not the time to vote.

Let’s not get into the practice of ramrodding votes or decisions on how to improve the space.

Please consider changing or retracting your vote until we can agree on a solution.

Dave Schwinn