Please be sure the doors are closed.

I’ve arrived to the Hive several times over the last week to find the front door either unlatched, or hanging wide open.

Please push or pull on the doors after closing them to ensure they’ve actually latched. This is a safety concern both for the Hive, and for the other tenants in the building. Random people will walk in off the street given the opportunity.

  • Ry

Good reminder.

I have also come to the Hive and the front door (street) was not latched.
I think we should check the alignment because I have closed it more than once and it didn’t latch.
Sure we could just recommend everyone slam it, but maybe the strike plate could use some adjusting.

The stained glass lady mentioned to me last Friday that the back door was unlocked when she came there Friday. That door handle is a bit floppy. Perhaps we could replace it and bill Garden Street?


I second this. The front door is definitely wonky and difficult to close.

The trouble with the front door seemed to come with the warmer weather. Though that may just be coincidence. I thought maybe the building swelled or settled with the warmer temps.

The back door has slowly been getting more difficult. I guess that’s why there is the small handle, I have to really yank it hard to get it to latch. (Slamming it loudly) since the upstairs tenant uses that door all the time, I’m surprised at how often it’s not latched. I would think he would want the building secured.

A replacement on either door might be costly. Since it seems to be a dragging problem, why not try shimming the hinges first? And/or filing out the catch on the front door?

Yes the outside back door is also “not so great”.

I was talking about the rear double door. The handle mechanism is pretty worn out.

Ah, THOSE doors, I’m not sure they were installed properly to begin with.

10:30am Friday, August 11, just made an quick stop at the Hive. The outside street door (under the glass block window) was ajar (open about 2"). The Hive main door (RFID card access at top of the stairs) was secure. The outside door is wonky. It will mostly slam closed without latching, unless you check to be sure. Note Hive people are not the only ones using the outside door.


I put a sign on the inside of the main street door to remind everyone exiting the building there to make sure the door latches after they leave.