playatech flat pack furniture

this is the place that has plans for furniture that packs flat that's
easy to make out of 8x4 sheets of plywood. they even have a workbench.
having these for LAN parties, classes and other adventures would be


  thanks for the link and recommendation.

  Perhaps others would join me to start a project to build at least
one and then see if there is interest in building more.


I'm absolutely sure the KOI Burners would love to collaborate, we're
really looking for an excuse to get the two groups to start
collaborating more.

I think we should try to combine the ideas. I like the slide assembly
construction of these (and in fact already made a worktable similar
for the motorcycle). I want to keep Ed's rolling cabinet worktable
idea. Shall we make our own?


i think we should definitely make benches, and a large table for classes.