plans for boxes - Where are they?

Elly or Steve or anyone else

Are the plans for the boxes online, or at the space, and where at?

Dimensions for the current member boxes are 30x40x100 cm. More information can be found on the wiki under

These are maximum measurements, assuming that a member will construct a single box. Multiple boxes that fit within this space may also be constructed.

  • Ry

Cool. Ely said there were plans somewhere for them for the cnc machine, but I can at least get materials based off the dimensions in the wiki. Thanks!

I’m probably going to want to make a box myself sometime in the near future (with some modifications) once the movement of member items to the new storage system is more or less complete and I get the go ahead. In the vertical upright storage in the woodworking area, is there any wood up for grabs that Clay could use for making a box?

Tim W.

Not sure about the upright storage but there were 4 sheets of 1/2" OSB bought for that purpose. OSB doesn’t have a lot of long term stability, so I’d expect the screws to tear out. You could also buy a sheet of birch from Coy for $70, but that’s a bit pricey, and you don’t need birch. Finally you could drive down to Doppes lumber, which is down the street a bit. It was $18 for 4x8 sheet of 1/4" (which is too thin) and ~$40 for 3/4 which might be a bit much.

If I was you, I’d buy a 4x8 sheet of 1/2" plywood from Doppes.

There are some sheets of plywood or mdf in the area that says hive use only in the vertical wood storage. Check it out.

Is it plywood



It matters because only plywood will retain screws driven into the end grain. (the edge) With MDF and OSB it’s going to tear out, resulting in a box that breaks pretty quickly. You can drive screws into the face of all materials without a problem, but that’s not what’s going to happen when making a box.

If it is OSB/MDF the other option would be to either glue or re-enforce the corners with strips of 2x4 cut down to 1"x1", and drive the screws into those.

Idk. Not at hive. Just take a look next time you are there.

There are some pieces there but I’ll get a sheet of 1/2" birch and cut to 4*4 for transport. Tim - you’re welcome to make your box out of this too.

There are some 5x5 sheets of Baltic Birch down there you can have for $27. they have a few patches but should be fine for boxes. The 4x8 sheets cost more and are free of patches. The 1/2 (12mm) sheets cost $48.02 while the 3/4 (18mm) cost $70.03. That was my actual cost for purchasing them in bulk. Just let me know if you decide to use one.

Coy said the 4x8 sheets of birch next to the cnc are for sale for $70. You can get a 4x8 for about $50 at the homeless despot, but it’s not true baltic birch, and supposedly the veneer is thinner. Menards has true baltic birch also for $70 for 4x8 sheet. Noty sure about lowes or doppes,


Thank you for the offer. I had already grabbed a 4*8 sheet and cut it when your message came through.

That’s been the offer for a very long time. It’s just been poorly communicated.