Pizza for meeting tonight

TL;DR - I need someone to order & pickup the pizza for tonights meeting. Please respond here if you are willing & able to perform the task.

I need to make a few other stops before the meeting tonight and it will be a tight squeeze for me to also pick up the pizza before tonights meeting. If someone could order & pickup the pizza that would be great.

We typically order from Adriatico’s in Clifton, (Heads up: They are now on W. McMillian) details are as follows:


  • Phone Number: 513-281-4344

  • Order by 6:00 pm, there is a 30 minute lead time on pizza.

  • The pizza we typically order is a Bearcat size pizza, half pepperoni, half extra cheese. Total should be 25.99 which you can recoup from the donation jar @ the hive.

  • There is about a 25’ stretch in front of the building designated for pickup that usually has a spot available. I have yet to need to parallel park. DO NOT PARK IN THE PAPA DINO’s PARKING LOT
    I have been ordering the pizza for long enough that I can pretty much recite how the conversation will go for you when you place the order:

  • Me: “Hello this is adriaticos, how may I help you?”

  • “I would like to place an order for pickup.”

  • Me: “What is your phone number?” “”

  • “Is this Paul?”

  • Me: “Yes.”

  • “What can I get you?”

  • Me: “I would like a bearcat size pizza half pepperoni, half extra cheese for pickup at 6:30 pm”

  • “Alright, that will be a bearcat 1/2 pep, 1/2 extra cheese for pick up at 6:30, that will be $25.99”
    Pickup is equally as simple, just go to the front counter and say you have a pickup order waiting and they will ring you out.

Jon Neal has volunteered to purchase & pickup the pizza. Everyone can ridicule and blame him if it is late or missing.

We might even if he’s on time. :wink:

Hey, hey! That was one time! I will be the pizza master this time around to show you guys!


FWIW, the lot you don’t want to park in is Pomodori’s, not Papa Dino’s :wink: