Picking Locks with Schuyler Towne @ Hive13 Tonight

Come join us as we start up our (hopefully) regular Locksport workshops. Locksport is competitive lockpicking. From the Locksport International website:

“Locksport features a need for knowledge and understanding of how the things around us work. When you consider a lock mechanism, you will need snap judgment when considering the lock’s difficulty, the best tool, and the most viable approach. When it comes time to explore the innerworkings of the mechanism, it is only the slightest of touches and the most deft moves that will guide you.”

As a special honor we will have Schuyler Towne of Open Locksport fame kick off our first Locksport workshop! At The Next HOPE conference in NYC, NY in 2010, Towne won the Locksport Wizard contest. He also had the now famous kickstarter project when trying to raise $6,000 to create a set of custom open lockpicks he ended up raising over $87,000.

When: December 14th, starting at 7pm, however the hope is to get started even earlier if people get there early enough.

If you have a set of lockpicks you will need to bring them. There will be some to share. We will not have any lockpicks available for sale either.