PI links

My friend in Lexington, Ky went to his Ham Radio club and they had a talk on Raspberry Pi-s being used as terminal Node controllers, internet gateways and other things radio (and not) related. ( a WHOLE buttload of different radio/computer applications) Here’s some links he got from it including a Pi magazine…


He is now coveting and getting himself one (grin)


My parents are school teachers is vegas but when school is out they just travel around in the RV. Over the summer I installed a PI with a DVap dongle in one of the cabinets and got them set up with a cradlepoint 3g/4g router. The USB modem had an external port and I found an antenna online with a 3db gain for Verizon that we mounted to the RV. With this setup they were able to use DStar, and the internet, to communicate when they were camping in remote locations. Dad runs VNC from his phone if he needs to shut the PI down or run an update.

I have built a Airplay reciever/Pandora on the PI in the living room thats connected to the receiver. My wife can use her IPhone/IPad to stream music or she can just launch a web site i built to control Pandora.

The PI is a powerful tool for near real time automation. My winter project is to turn the lights on from the PI when my Bluetooth is in range. Nothing worse than trying to carry in all the groceries while fumbling for the front door keys in the dark.

Thanks for the links. This is the type of stuff I wanted to get into when I first got my license last year but I never got around to it.

Does anyone know if the ham clubs in town do similar projects?


I just transplanted from OK to OH, I’d like to know the same. I’ve been looking for a ham club for a bit now.