Pi day sale

This is late notice, but MicroCenter is selling the Raspberry Pi Zero W for $3.14 in honor of Pi day today.

It’s probably not worth a long drive, but I mention it in case anyone interested is already in the area.

  • Ry

I did pick a few at the 5 bucks a piece. My plans for this past weekend completely blew apart and plans this week up to wednesday at least are going to be as things happen. A close friend from high school that was a mechanic and drove a tow truck passed away unexpectedly Thursday and himself and wife just had a baby less than a month ago. Sorry to those that I said I was going to be at the repair fair, and the funeral is going to be on tuesday as well as the high water from the rain got in one of my cars body control modules that is causing a fuse blowing fest BAD so I likely will not make the meeting. I did not want to make a seperate thread for this yet as if someone on here can check for me if the electric wheel chair base dustin had picked up is still over by the table saw? I am going to have to come up with an electric wheel chair such as that one as someone at church may attempt to do an 2 day, camping marriage camp. Given the terrain I am going to have to modify it with some quad and dirt bike components. I will likely have to grab some new deep cycle batteries as well since mine died from sitting to long for my trolling motor… not from trolling on facebook lol. I hope all is well for ya ryan as well as everyone else!

PS: Ry, are those motors still down there