Phase 1 Floor Plan for Incorporating Our Metalworking Tool Additions

Hive13’s metalworking capabilities are growing rapidly!

Recent and upcoming additions include:

  • Surface Grinder (loan courtesy of Jim D.)
  • New standing welding table (build complete as of this weekend)
  • Beverly Shear (Courtesy of Dave V.)
  • Vertical Knee Mill (Incoming imminently, loan courtesy of Jim D.)
  • New sitting welding table (Material on site, build upcoming)
  • Box and Pan Brake (Whenever Greg finds the right one)
  • Stomp Shear (Whenever Greg finds the right one)
    All this new equipment has made it relatively urgent to develop a plan for where to put all this equipment.

The attached plan is what I have come up with, working with leadership, as a “phase one” to address the imminent needs. This layout addresses only the equipment we already have in the space and the new mill and new sitting welding table. It does not address the soon-to-come sheet metal tools, as we do not yet know the exact size and configuration they will require.

Please feel free to offer input to this layout as well as potential improvements for latter down the road.

This Saturday before the Saturday cleanup, Dave V. is leading an effort to widen the metal room door so that the surface grinder and tables will pass through easily. We will also likely begin moving some of the items shown in the layout to their new locations (The lathe will need to wait to move till we run power for it, not sure if that can happen this weekend or not).

To address the future need to make space for the sheet metal tools, my thoughts are:

  • Place the sheet metal tools in the space that is currently occupied by the flammables cabinet and ladders
  • Move ladders to the space between the CNC and pallet racks
  • Move Flammables to the space currently occupied by our current mill
  • Say goodbye to the current small mill (return it to it’s owner, as the capability will be redundant to the new larger mill)
    As always, plans are flexible and up for discussion/debate. I would love to hear any additional ideas or suggestions people have for making the space and tools nicer, easier to use, more productive, or more fun.

I look forward to seeing everyone help out this weekend at the saturday cleanup!


Kevin M.

HiveLayout_MetalShop_Phase1.pdf (76.7 KB)

Hey, We have made good progress toward finishing the worktables, and Jim’s mill is mostly in Hive13! Because of that, I wanted to bump this to see if there is anyone willing to be the champion to assemble a plan, gather a team, and drive these metal shop improvements to completion.

If no one has volunteered by time I get done with the tables and the Roland CNC, I’ll step up, but we would love to have some new members get involved in making the hive as good as it can be!


Kevin M.