Penguicon - DIY call for papers

Penguicon - Diy call for papers

What is Penguicon ( - Penguicon is a celebration of all things geek.
Technically it’s Sci-fi and Open-source convention but it’s way more than that.
This year Mitch Altman ( hacker, and founder of Noisebridge) and Jimmie P. Rodgers
(hacker and master diyer), and MC frontalot (nerdcore rapper) are showing up
as Guests of Honor. i3Detroit a fellow hackerspace will show up in force
by hosting a 24/7 mini hackerspace in one of the hotel’s suites and the Con
will be hosting a 24/7 makerspace on the main floor.

We are looking for cleaver hackers/crafters/diyers/makers to give talks or
sit on a panel with other hackers or host a workshop on topics that most interest
them. Got an awesome project you want to share with others, awesome! What to
tell people about our history or culture, sweet! Want to teach others what you
know in learn by doing sort of way, Boo ya!

Please submit your idea to with the Title, and at least a couple sentences
on your topic(s).

Give three talks and get a steep discount ( we’re talking dirt cheap)
on your entrance fee.

Too cheap for a hotel room? Need a place to crash while attending the con? Contact with your woes and I’ll make sure you’ve got a place to crash.

Brad McMahon
DIY track head Penguicon 2011
Founding Member of i3Detroit