Pen / PCB / Laser / Scribe plotter / Printer

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So, here’s something I’m starting on:

An XY plotter to make PCBs (not a CNC machine). I’ve used pen plotters for through-hole components before. For SMD, a scribe could be used, or a laser on photo-etch… Plotting PCBs is old news, but 3D printing tech could make something smaller, better, cheaper.

After taking the ultimaker apart and putting it back together, having designed a new extruder (based on some existing designs, but seriously hacked), I think I’d like to do a build of similar mechanical stuffs.

I took home the old HP pen plotter on purgatory and plan to hack it into something. There are more than enough parts in there (heck, you can build a small drwaing machine with a CD-rom drive alone).

This fellow seems to have gotten good results:

I’m planning to use a servo for Z, not a full printer setup.

Any advantages of the bed moving XY in his second design vs the head moving XY? Only simple one I can think of is that the machine footprint could be smaller.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Sounds freaking awesome man!