[PATCH] Eagle board importer fixes

I have two patches right now, one is a little higher priority than the eagle.

The first is eagle_keepout_area_fix.patch. When I “fixed” importing polygons in the eagle importer a few months ago I neglected to handle keepout areas which causes a segfault if you try to open an eagle board with a keepout. This patch fixes this.

The second patch adds the ability to import dimensions from eagle.

Wayne - I’ll let you decide whether or not to accept either of these patches. I would like to see the first applied for the release, but the second one could wait until after the release.


eagle_keepout_area_fix.patch (3.32 KB)

0001-The-eagle-importer-now-supports-dimensions.patch (3.82 KB)

Son of a… too many mailing lists!

So when are you teaching KiCAD class? I’d love to soak up some knowledge. :slight_smile:

Well, I wanted to wait until the new release comes out because so much has changed. That was supposed to be in late June/early July. Here we are… :stuck_out_tongue: It is looking like it may be released within a month, but I’m not holding my breath!