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Hey guys anyone by chance know a good place to get BU508D ? or some 50 gauge stainless steel wire, Where its not like 8 bucks shipping per transistor or like by metric ton of wire :stuck_out_tongue:

For the transistor it looks like this place has quite a few in stock:

FWIW octopart is awesome for finding stuff in stock:

Not sure about 50 gauge stainless steel wire. That is crraazzzyy thin.


Thanks for the suggested sites, kinda snooping around on them now least they have some.

on the wire so far best I could come up with so far is like 1000kg, for like $2600 + shipping like 7600+ feet hahah I only need maybe tops 25 feet :stuck_out_tongue:


Regarding your 50 guage stainless request: I have a feeling this isn’t what you’re looking for, but I stumbled into it and thought this might work.


The following is from the link above. Bold added by me:

75’ 2 Ply Conductive Sewable Thread for Flora. $6.17

After months of searching, we finally have what we consider to be the ultimate conductive thread. It’s thin, strong, smooth, and made completely of 316L stainless steel. Once you start working with this thread you’ll quickly agree its optimal for any wearables work!

This thread is 2 ply, a little thicker than every day polyester or cotton thread but still thin enough to be sewn by hand in medium-eye needles or with a sewing machine that can handle ‘heavy’ thread. Because it is strong and smooth, its ideal for any wearable/e-textile project. It also has fairly low resistance, 16 ohms per foot so you can use it to drive LEDs and other electronic components that use under ~50mA.

Because it is made of stainless steel fibers, it will not oxidize like silver does: your projects will not ‘stop working’ because of oxidation after a few months and its safe to wash. However, this thread is a little ‘stiff’, it feels a little like ‘waxed thread’ and is not ideal for making iPhone-compatible gloves.

If you want to sew conductive thread into the pads of gloves, check out our thin conductive yarn!

Comes in a small metal (or plastic) bobbin with 23 meters wound on. We also have a version of this thread with 3 ply.

  • Spool Length: 76’
  • Thickness: 0.2mm thick
  • Ply: 2 ply thread
  • Conductivness: 1.3 ohm per inch

Hey thanks for the Suggestion Matthew,

I came across this thread on another site to was curious about it never seen it before this week. Leads to some interesting things indeed, I’m kinda of curious how easy it is to seperate the thread if at all … but worth a few bucks either way just to try it out…