Parts of Network Down at Hive

I did a little bit of work on the Hive’s network tonight and in the process messed up the firewall somehow. It appears that things are not getting assigned dynamic IP addresses on the LAN. The door switch still works, but the laser computer has no internet.

Both wifi networks are still working fine!

Will try and fix this tomorrow.


hivenet is wired directly to the cable modem, and is a completely separate segment from the wired network. if you get desperate to connect the laser PC you could temporarily plug it into one of the switch ports on the router above the bar via couple of patch cables and maybe an inline coupler.

I tried just bypassing the firewall last night as a quick fix, but that didn’t do it either for some reason.

I can probably help out tonight when I get there…should be there by 6.

There is a pfsense box on proper hardware - the DL360G3 1U server that has 2x 18gig hard drives peeking out. It’s ready to be configured. bge0 = LAN fxp0 = WAN Jon knows more.

Craig managed to get the internal network back up and working. Thanks Craig!