Parts for Learn to Solder

I’m trying to make sure we have enough supplies for the Learn to Solder Activity on 6/18.

It appears we have plenty of functioning soldering irons and solder.

We will have plenty of PCBs later this week thanks to Osh Park

We need to order lots of magnets, batteries and LEDs. I know the batteries matter because only the cheaper ones are actually magnetic.

Marcus, anyone have links to the parts that were used previously? I’d like to get an order going soon as there is less than 3 weeks till the event.


I tried to note the url every time I bought from a different place in the source column.

I end up getting magnets from a different place every time. 1/2 X 1/16 inches.

The brand of batteries that is known to stick to magnets is “tianqiu”

Found that right after I sent this email… thanks.