Pan and Tilt Security!

This would be an awesome security camera for us:


I think we do need to upgrade.

I’ve installed Blink cameras around our house ( that seem to be working pretty good. Not sure how to fold the video into our website though.
I think this is worth talking about as a group.
I like being able to see if someone is at the Hive remotely.

Agreed, we do need an upgrade. I had a lengthy discussion on that very topic with one of our newcomers at last weeks meeting who works with camera systems professionally (I’m blanking on the name at the moment). I got some good information from him and I will probably be proposing a budget for the upgrade soon, I just want to work out some of the details first.

As for the specific camera Lorin posted, we previously had a similar webcam at the hive but it turns out that those sorts of moving parts do not react well to sawdust.

  • Ian B.

Dude, It’s Puppy, the camera looks like a puppy, and it’s head tilts and pans! Is that not awesome?! So cute!

Typical engineers…

It would work in the Fab Lab, or non-dusty places. Or my house, I think I’ll get one.


It’s antenna is a cute little tail!

I’m sold

I ordered on for myself. There are plenty of sealed, more dust resistant, weatherproof cameras from this manufacturer. If mine is good, then we could use this supplier.

I’m kind of hooked on Ali Express, and if you first vet the brand / seller, you can get quite good stuff. Also, small electronics usually ship free, as they can use the “epacket” mail method – If you’ve ever ordered electronics samples, you’ve probably gotten a few of these. Of course, I don’t mind waiting (amazon prime, it is not)…