Pallet racks update

Hi all,
Just wanted to update the membership in regards to pallet racks. Was at the Hive today and joined Coy and Andrew in putting up an additional rack in front of the fab Lab to facilitate flat plywood storage. There will be continued improvements to it, as for now there is just the one shelf and we would like to have multiple (maybe 6" apart or so).

Additionally, the recycling bins in the wood shop have finally made it to the back dock if someone wants to pick them up and take them to garden Street one day this week. The area under there has already been used to store member boxes, so between that and the new pallet rack in front of the fab Lab, there should be plenty of member storage for now. I would like to highly encourage members to make boxes for the shelves - gives it a neater and more organized look, as well as allows for identification of whose box is whose.

Happy New Years!

Also. Please feel free to respond with positive thoughts and encouragement.




The space looks much cleaner. The wood on the right hand side will be removed from there tomorrow along with the medium CNC.


What is this positive thoughts and encouragement thing?


Happy new year.


The racks look great.

Is the shelf with the wood on it safe to walk on?

I want to run some wire for telephones and I need to get to the network gear above the fablab. I also need to run some wire to the phone block on the upper right side of the racks.

Yes, should easily support the weight. I’m not sure id want to walk on the pretty wood, but it can easily hold your weight. heck, I think you could have a party up there lol.

I will take measures to protect the wood :slight_smile: