Pallet racks for space

Hey all,
I know we are trying to upgrade the storage space at the hive. There is an auction in Newport ending tomorrow that has tons of pallet racks available. I believe they are cheaper than what we paid for the ones we have. Wondering if we should look at purchasing some now and getting storage upgraded at the hive ASAP. Link below.

Ha. Just looked at that.
I’ll volunteer truck.-D

I like them prices! Do we have room to set them up at the hive?

We really need the drop in teardrop style, or ridge-u-rack style fyi. We learned the hard way never to buy the bolt together ones for a space as dynamic and changing as the hive. Haha

There are also some space issues we need to deal with first, as we might not have room right now to store them. Until we can put them up, we could shift things around and make it work possibly. Anyone have ideas of where to put those?

Also, a lot of those racks are too tall to fit in our space, I believe we got 15’ foot ones in the past. Is it possible to cut those down if we get ones that are too tall?

Great spot! :smiley:

We have a bandsaw… We can almost certainly cut them down.

I was asking for structural reasons, but I guess that was stupid. Haha

Awesome then!

Structural? We have a welder… :slight_smile:

there are some that are 15’ and some are 10’. what did we spend on the previous pallet racks we bought? I can bid on them as long as i have people willing to help me pick them up.

Also, I see a wood lathe in another auction. would that be something of interest to the hive? Elly I am looking at you specifically.