Pallet racks are going up




Awesome job! I know you’ve been trying to get a group together to do this for a while. Good job hustling the team to get it done!

Thanks to Ry and Mike for helping out alot!! Ry even shimmed and screwed them in :slight_smile:

Woot! Go Tiffany and company!

This is where we are for now. Need some crossbeams for the shelves made. And wanted to see what Greg wanted to do about the electrical boxes there - it might make sense to move the box to the side of the pole, but I’m not sure of the logistics on doing that.



Looks great!

The coat rack by the front door probably needs to leave the Hive at this point. It’s an inefficient use of space that could be better used for more storage. A row of coat hooks can be located elsewhere.

Does anyone know if that rack belongs to anyone? If not, I’d like to break it down and either store it or repurpose the metal.

  • Ry

Agree on the coat rack, seems like the coats can probably be donated, they've been sitting since summer, which tells me for a least a year.

Agreed. Stick the coats in purgatory, then donate 'em.

- Ian B.

I’ll post a little “where things went” message with pictures if I wind up moving the rack.

It isn’t likely to happen this weekend, so don’t panic just yet.

  • Ry