Painting the Pillars!

Calling all artists and creative people. This is a discussion for the possibility of painting the columns in the new space. Below are some of the ideas that have been suggested. Please comment with which system you would prefer and why or if you have other ideas of how to run this.

A. Painting the columns is a fund raiser to help pay for the air conditioning equipment. The right to paint a column can be purchased and you can paint it with whatever design you would like. Approval of concept work or idea may be required. Cost per column will be determined by the size of the column, whole, ¾, half, or ¼.
B. Free to paint the columns, approval of concept work or idea may be required.

Extra Option:
1. One prominent column in each ward is set aside for decorating to represent that ward. Possible warden’s choice or design competition for the artwork and the artist does not pay for that column if we use this as a fund raiser. Wardens get veto power on that column’s design.

Supplies are not guaranteed. If there are donations, artists are free to use them but with everything else Hive needs to purchase, I will not support a vote for buying supplies.

Remember that what is on our walls is a representation of our space that everyone can see. Please make sure that your artwork is appropriate. If in doubt, please ask for a second opinion.

I’m definitely interested!

I think I’ve landed in the camp of Option B with Extra option 1. I really like the idea of having ward specific columns!

I love the idea of creative columns. Especially the area specific ones. I’m also for letting the area wardens have great latitude to paint/decorate their areas.

I think one of the first columns as you enter from the sliding door should be a blank column with all the members signatures and maybe a mini icon/portrait.

I would support a free-for-all column that anyone could put whatever on (within reason) that might get painted white every 30 days.

We need to be careful to not make the place too much “pay to play” as that could send the wrong vibe. I don’t want the place to turn into the Manufactory.

Just my opinion on a Thursday morning.

Yeah! Brad, you mentioned the signature column on Tuesday and I also love that idea. I think that’s really neat.

Ian and I kind of jokingly mentioned painting a column in the meeting room with white board paint and/or chalkboard paint

I’ve had some caffeine so now I can elaborate on my initial thoughts haha

Originally I was totally gung-ho for the paying idea, but after speaking with a couple of other members, I agree that I don’t want to restrict creativity in the name of money. There are plenty of ways to do neat fundraisers that we can come up with as needed.

Either way, I’m absolutely pumped for this idea, because my first thought when I saw the photos of the space empty post-painting was “I want to draw all over those columns”

I think my wife will definitely want in on this… no matter how it pans out so please keep the updates coming.

Currently, there has been talk of Bender(futurama) to keep an eye over metal working.

I love the idea of whiteboard paint! We could do one of the columns in the big entry area with chalkboard or whiteboard paint and use that as a free-for-all art column. Much easier to wipe it down than repaint it!

I work at a paint store; we sell whiteboard paint regularly, so I can get it at an extremely reasonable price :wink:

Will white-board or chalk-board paint work on those rough columns? I suspect it would require some filling and smoothing before painting to be usable.

Ah yes, didn't think of that. They'd have to be smoothed over, maybe a skim coat of drywall mud or something?

Not really useful on the columns, but if we just want a way to cheaply make big whiteboards in spaces, these $14 4x8 sheets work great as whiteboards as long as you spray them down with windex and wipe it off once before using it the first time:

I think I have some extra chalkboard paint from setting up the kids’ room. I’ll gladly donate it so it will get used.

Could always just wrap the pillars, they make flexible whiteboards for rough surfaces

I want you all to know that I have enough glitter to make you all seriously reconsiderthe wisdom of any of this! Having said that I support Plan B, not a fundraiser. We're gonna absolutely need to budget for the AC which may require some belt tightening at some point but I am in agreement not to have a pay to play approach to this super fun sounding activity.

I feel like, if any of you like the fairy tail anime, a small gajeel painting would also be good in metalworking

Yarn bombing a pillar would be fun!