Paint Booth RFC 2 - The Paintening

Okay, now that we’ve decided to experiment with a paint booth, let’s talk about what that exactly means.

Some basic requirements:

  1. Venting -
    I like a cheap box fan + furnance filter. We can replace this later with something a bit more durable and expensive.
    One advantage of doing the paint booth in the old meeting area is that we won’t need to cut another hole in the wall, we can use the large vent hole at the top

  2. Walls
    I’m leaning to a simple 2x4 framework + plastic drop cloths stapled to it. Should be easy to build, cheap, move around, and remove if we don’t want it.
    If we do decide on a permenant installation we should consider something made of metal, which can easily be cleaned with solvents

  3. Floor
    I’d like to get a nice canvas drop cloth.
    More permanent could be metal as well

  4. Lighting
    You want some very bright lights to be able to check on things like sheen and the like
    Thinking we want some work lights on stands.

Open Questions:
New room or old meeting area?

i’d vote not in the new room.

Yeah, that would address the other thing I forgot.

If we’re going to use HVLP guns we’re going to need an air supply, which is already present in the old meeting area.

Although I’m sure this was included with “walls”, I think a ceiling for the booth would be needed
to contain the paint and the guide the airflow.

Also, I’ve seen booths (online) built of insulating foam panels.
These are lightweight and self-supporting (so don’t need a frame).
They can be fastened to each other with tape (and the tape can also be used to hinge
the walls & ceiling together), so easy to build for a temporary version.

We use to have a few squirell cage fans laying around? are they still there? Could we use them for the Ventilation fans?