PacketWars Sumobot Event

Ok Hivers,

I just got word from the Daycon Security Summit that during the PacketWars event they will be hosting some small sumobot competition/demonstrations. Dayton Diode will build a bot and Daycon will have their own bot. They wanted up to come up to PacketWars with some of our bots to compete. They are giving us a community table at the event as well. I know a lot of you were not able to complete your bots the way you wanted them for the last event so this is your chance to finish them up!

Daycon homepage:
Daycon Security Summit dates: Oct 7th & 8th.

I’ll post exact times and location for the PacketWars/SumoWars event when I get them.


um $125 for a con in Dayton? Am I the only one thinking WTF?
This isn't vegas darling...
-Dave B.

Early registration for BlackHat is $1,500 and we won’t even talk about CanSecWest in Vancouver…

Another local con you may want to check out that I think will be very good (although this is the first year for it) is DerbyCon But I’m afraid you will be paying at least $150 for that con as well. Good news is that you don’t need to get a room if you just want to drive, so flight/hotel costs are lower for these cons.

Packetwars I believe is open to the public for free but since we have a table it doesn’t really matter.


I knew BlackHat is real money... But then again it's a serious
security conference from what I understand.

*shrug* I guess I'm just out of touch with the con scene. As usual,
safe to ignore me. :slight_smile:

-Dave B.

Well if you were to base it on price (Daycon $150 / Blackhat $1,500) I guess you could say Blackhat is 10x more serious of a con? lol

Yeah - everything’s $100+ now. Save for BSides, of course.

notacon is $75 if you register early, preaknic was just $25 last year.

most cons give presenters and performers +1's, so if you really want
to go to one, get in on the RFP's :slight_smile: also volunteers often get in
for free and i'm not certain, but i think that defcon goons get a
break on staying in the staff rooms as well, so that's another way to
do big events for not very much. being a goon at defcon is hard work
tho, so there's that :slight_smile: