Outside door issues

I arrived at hive13 at 9am today and the outside door won’t open. My guess is the battery is dead. I called the landlord but he is not able to come by right away. I can get to the other side but we have that door barred. Of all the days to not bring my lock picks :frowning:

I of course a 2 meetings schedule here at 11 and 12 for design students to take pictures of the place.

Until further notice there is no way to get into the space.

hey craig - we will be coming to school soon - do you want me to bring some lockpicks for you?

That would be great!

will do - likely will be there by 10

I caught rob leaving and grabbed the door. I’m in!


OK got in. Retightened the door handle and replaced the door batteries. That fixed the problem although it still sticks sometimes but that’s a doorframe issue.

Seperate question…what’s with toiletbox streaming internet radio? :slight_smile:

I believe that is the english Al Jazeera stream brought to you by Hodapp.

It’s important that people hear a good source of world news while they are washing their hands! Also, when I was in i3Detroit in 2010 (I think), they had radios in the stalls in the bathroom and I thought it was a neat idea.

Actually, for awhile I had a Chumby in the bathroom streaming Al Jazeera, but due to the fact that that bathroom has really noisy power that spikes when the lights are turned on and off, the Chumby would run for an average of about an hour before crashing.

Screw that. We need “whistle while you work” as the bathroom soundtrack. :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of their news, I just heard voices coming from the bathroom and got a bit confused as to why a few women were have a calm discussion of current events while I was locked outside.

You could hear it outside? Perhaps I should turn the volume down a bit.

Not outside the building but inside the door. Directly under the bathroom… which I don’t think can be helped.

Yeah, I was at the hive late Wed. night, by myself. It was a bit spooky to hear the chatter as I approached the bathroom door, till I figured out where it was coming from.