out of the loop

hey guys… been out of the loop for a bit. my wife gave birth to our son on Monday June 1st. We were in the hospital until late that friday night because he had elevated resperation after he was born and had to be placed in the special care nursery. It was due to residual amniotic fluid in his lungs, which turns out, is quite common. He’s all better now and crying and pooping like normal :wink:

looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting!

Congratulations John!

We just agreed on the Membership Fees http://wiki.hive13.org/wiki/Membership_Fees and are actively in the process of securing a facility. After you get caught up on the meetings notes from the wiki you can send an email to membership@hive13.org with your information to join.


yea, i saw that. i was already reading the meeting notes :slight_smile: I was working on the Hive13 logo, but my laptop died. not real sure what happened. it just started saying no internal hdd detected when it booted. I checked everything out and all the connections are good, nothing looks wrong with the electronic components, so i have to send it back to dell to get it fixed. They’re sending me a box and then i get to wait for like 10 days after i send it to them for them to fix it! guess it was a good thing that i bought a 2 year warranty with it.