Our neighbor is reporting that our air compressor is running excessively?

Hi All,

I’m at work, but just got a call from our Hive13 / Anchor Building neighbor in the glass studio next door. They are noticing our air compressor is running excessively, on and off continuously. Maybe it is loud to them also.

I don’t know if anyone has been in our space using the air compressor that much, or if it has sprung a leak that causes it to cycle repeatedly. I can’t be at the Hive tonight to come in and check on this.

Can the next available member that sees this note and may be at the hive tonight look into this? Perhaps turn the compressor off if it is not being used, rather than leave it on?

Report back on this thread when action has been taken. Perhaps look to see if our glass studio neighbor is working late into the night and let them know too.

Thanks, JimD

Hmm, that may be from the modification I made to it recently. I will check it in an hour when I head down.

I turned it off for now. I’ll leave a note on it to only turn it on when you need to use it. I won’t be able to fully fix it until I can make a run to home depot this weekend or early next week.

Sorry about that Jim! It also doesn’t look like she is here right now.


Thanks Jon. You are a champ.